Sublimated user experience

UX/UI Design

Octopia, CDiscount's SaaS solution, manages 5 million references daily.
Faced with inventory and management challenges by a reduced team, we have reviewed the user flow and rationalized the management rules, significantly improving the team's efficiency.


on staff productivity.


of the non-purchased references were able to have a first purchase 3 months after production started.

The problems

App. too slow

Poor user experience

App abandoned

Huge dev constraints

The solutions

User-centered App

Optimization of flows

User feedback on the app

Optimized user experience

We bring your ideas to life

Manage 5M CDiscount products

The complete overhaul of a management application for 5 million CDiscount products, which had been abandoned due to its slowness and poor user experience, was successfully undertaken.

The key to this success lies in a user-centered approach, which relies on interviews and user tests at every stage of the process. The result obtained, both in terms of UI design and user experience, was extremely positive, thanks to very satisfactory user feedback.

Despite complex constraints related to data and development, in a context where error is unacceptable, we were able to meet this challenge brilliantly.

The Dropshipping Plugin Reinvented

The design of this Dropshipping plugin for Shopify was also carried out with a focus on user interviews and tests. This approach allowed us to truly understand the objectives and needs of the users, and to create journeys that respond effectively to them.

These two projects were carried out using a design system that brings together all of Octopia's projects. A team of 30 designers worked together on this system, thus ensuring visual consistency and harmony across all achievements

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explore other projects !